The school follows American based curriculum for English subjects and Qatar Arabic Curriculum for Arabic language, Qatar History, and Islamic studies

Differentiated instruction is offered to all age groups. Teachers play a very important role in managing student’s learning and performance in class. Teachers are also instructed to assist low attaining students and aid them to carry out tasks and meet the curriculum objectives

 One hundred percent of GAI graduates are fully prepared for university entrance.­­­



We always aim that students at Global Academy International transfer what they learn beyond subject areas.

Visitors to GAI notice that there is evidence of student learning everywhere throughout the school, from the bulletin boards in the hallways, to the displays of student work, and to the projects demonstrated in classes in order to disseminate information.

Our ultimate charge, as stated in our vision and mission, is to enable students to develop responsibility and to experience success. Our learning environment serves learners at all levels by encouraging them to be adaptable students with a long-life education.

We believe that every student has the potential to succeed and that is why we actively support our students through an enriched curriculum to achieve success and go on to higher education and onward with their chosen career.